See what CU is going to decide after today’s(06/06/2022) protest infront of CU gate!

IF this protest goes like this then something may changes and it will make students happy.

Kolkata: Calcutta University had earlier announced the offline exam. Even after that, the students again protested in front of the College Street campus of Calcutta University demanding online exams. Students blocking the way. Students have protested on College Street demanding the same thing more than once before.

Rising demand for online exams –

Recently, the demand for online exams has spread like a plague across the state. The College Street area erupted on May 26 in a protest by some students demanding online exams. Students sit in rows across the street in front of Calcutta University. With slogans, placards in hand. The demand is the same, the test should be taken online, not offline. The students sat in the street with the gate of the university closed. In this situation, a few days ago, Calcutta University (CU) informed us how to take the exam online or offline.


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