ICSE syllabus for class 6 physics

ICSE Physics Syllabus 2023- 24

The chapters are followed in the following sequential manner: 

Physical Quantities and Ways of Measurement

  • Measurement of Length 
  • Measurement of Mass
  • Measurements of time
  • Measurement of temperature
  • Measurement of Area


  • Simple Mechanics
  • Simple Machines and their types 
  • Different orders of levers


  • Push effect of Force 
  • Pull effect of Force
  • Effect of force on Mass
  • Effect of force on direction of Speed 
  • Effect of force as Change in shape and size
  • Force of Friction
  • Real-world problems of Force


  • Rectilinear properties of light
  • Shadows


  • Magnetic and Non-magnetic substances
  • Characteristics of a magnet 
  • Properties of Magnets
  • Magnetic field around a magnet
  • Permanent and temporary magnets
  • Uses of Permanent and Temporary Magnets
  • Care and storage of magnets
  • Demagnetization by heating, hammering, and electricity

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, or ICSE, is a private board and an examination which is conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The board is intended to make the curriculum and syllabus easy to understand. Students can easily comprehend the ICSE syllabus.

The ICSE Board has designed a curriculum for Class 6 students that would assist them in understanding the fundamental principles of significant themes in each subject. The ICSE Class 6 syllabus promotes a methodology that trains young children to develop attributes and skills in a suitable manner. The Class 6th ICSE syllabus contains basic features for topics such as Science and Mathematics.

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ICSE Class 6 Syllabus – All Subjects Examinations

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