ICSE class 7 History & civics syllabus

 Class 7 history & civics syllabus 2023-24:


  • The Bhakti and Sufi Movements 
  • The Renaissance 
  • Culture Development during the Mughal Period 
  • Social and Cultural Development under the Mughals 
  • Political Unification under the Mughals 
  • Cultural and Religious Development under the Delhi Sultans 
  • The Delhi Sultanate 
  • Islam and its impact on the Middle East 
  • The Advent of Christianity 
  • Making of Composite Culture – Sufi and Bhakti Movements 
  • Foundation of Mughal Empire
  • Medieval Europe – Rise and Spread of Christianity
  • Akbar the Great
  • Government, Society, and Culture under the Delhi Sultanate
  • Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb
  • Rise and Spread of Islam
  • The Turkish Invaders
  • The Vijayanagar and Bahmani Kingdom


  • The Judiciary 
  • The Union Executive 
  • The Union Legislature-Parliament 
  • Directive Principles and State Policy 
  • Fundamental Rights and Duties 
  • The Basic ideas of the Constitution and Citizenship

Class 7 is one of the most important classes in school. It lays the foundation for the students that will help in acquiring knowledge for the examinations. The ICSE syllabus covers the basic concepts, and the content of the course is designed to help the applicants fulfill their learning requirements. The major parts of the ICSE class 7 syllabus are covered and repeated in the higher classes. 

If students have sound knowledge of the syllabus, they can make a proper preparation timetable and follow it to acquire better scores. Every subject in the ICSE syllabus holds equal importance. Candidates must have proper knowledge related to the syllabus if they want to acquire good ranks in the examination. 

Students can access the detailed structure of the syllabus from the website of Bodhi. It will help them in gaining knowledge for the higher classes. Additionally, candidates can also make study plans for their preparations. Candidates can also access the ICSE revision notesICSE question papers, etc., from the official website of Bodhi. 

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