ICSE class 7 Maths syllabus

Class 7 Syllabus for Mathematics:

1. Number System 

  • Least common multiple 
  • Highest common factor 
  • Factorization 
  • Squares and cube roots 
  • Exponents 
  • Fractions and decimals 
  • Natural and integer numbers 

2. Algebra 

  • Exponents 
  • Linear equations 
  • Basic algebra 

3. Arithmetics

  • Profit and loss 
  • Time, difference, and work
  • Percentage 
  • Compound interest 
  • Simple interest 
  • Ratio and proportion 
  • Average 

4. Geometry 

  • Construction of figure 
  • Polygon 
  • Quadrilateral 
  • Polynomial
  • Triangle 
  • Circle 
  • Planes and angles 
  • Line

5. Mensuration 

  • Cube and cuboid 
  • Rectangles and squares 
  • Triangles 

6. Statistics 

  • Graphs and data handling 

7. Coordinate geometry 

  • Distance 
  • Point and line 

8. Set theory 

  • Venn diagrams 
  • Introduction to set theory 

Class 7 is one of the most important classes in school. It lays the foundation for the students that will help in acquiring knowledge for the examinations. The ICSE syllabus covers the basic concepts, and the content of the course is designed to help the applicants fulfill their learning requirements. The major parts of the ICSE class 7 syllabus are covered and repeated in the higher classes. 

If students have sound knowledge of the syllabus, they can make a proper preparation timetable and follow it to acquire better scores. Every subject in the ICSE syllabus holds equal importance. Candidates must have proper knowledge related to the syllabus if they want to acquire good ranks in the examination. 

Students can access the detailed structure of the syllabus from the website of Bodhi. It will help them in gaining knowledge for the higher classes. Additionally, candidates can also make study plans for their preparations. Candidates can also access the ICSE revision notesICSE question papers, etc., from the official website of Bodhi. 

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