these twin siblings from Karnataka scored A+ in SSLC exams, Children of a farmer

While Sudhanva secured 91% (446), Sujanya secured 90% (439). Their father, Srinivas B M, said he had never expected his children to score so well in the board examination.

udhanva B S is just one minute elder to Sujanya B S. However, he is not just a minute elder but has also scored one per cent higher than her sister in the SSLC board examination.

While Sudhanva secured 91% (446), Sujanya secured 90% (439). Children of Srinivas B M, a ragi farmer of Bettenahalli village in the Bengaluru Rural district, the duo did not expect that they would secure the 90% target. From milking the cow together to preparing for the exams together, the twin siblings always ensure that they stand in support of each other.

 Sujanya, a student of the Government High School Jalige in the Devanahalli taluk, said, “My brother and I study together from 6 pm-10 pm and 5 am to 7:30 am. We both study the same subject together and share our ideas with each other. We were really worried about the marks because it was our first board exam. But we were happy after hearing the results. I think focusing on Science and Mathematics is very critical because going ahead, the performance in these subjects will be the gate passes for higher studies.”

Talking about how they tackled Covid-19, Sudhanva said, “The pandemic did not hamper our studies at all. My sister and I were all on our own focusing on our studies and improving on subjects that we felt were a challenge for us.”

Gireesh, a mathematics teacher, said, “The twins are very obedient and are supportive of each other. Although a lot of their friends team up to cycle to school, the duo always comes together. In fact, they don’t have a smartphone and they have worked on assignments using the smartphone of their classmate, who is a neighbour.”

An emotional Srinivas said, “Being a farmer, I earn only Rs 30,000 in a year. It is really tough for me to help my children financially. I did not expect them to score so well. But they have proved me wrong.”


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