Check out our recommendations for ICSE board books in 2023.

Check out our recommendations for ICSE board books in 2023

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When it comes to the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) board examinations, having the right study materials is crucial for students to excel. The choice of books plays a vital role in shaping their understanding and knowledge base. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of recommended ICSE board books for the year 2023. These books have been carefully selected to cover various subjects and cater to the diverse learning needs of ICSE students.

Table of Contents


English Language




History and Civics


Computer Applications


Commercial Studies

Environmental Science

Second Language

Physical Education




1. Mathematics

Title 1: “ICSE Mathematics – Class 10” by R. S. Aggarwal

Title 2: “ICSE Mathematics – Class 9” by R. D. Sharma

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2. English Language

Title 1: “ICSE English Language – Class 10” by Xavier Pinto

Title 2: “ICSE English Language – Class 9” by Pankaj Bhatt

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3. Physics

Title 1: “ICSE Physics – Class 10” by Sarita Aggarwal

Title 2: “ICSE Physics – Class 9” by Deb Mukherji

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4. Chemistry

Title 1: “ICSE Chemistry – Class 10” by S. L. Arora

Title 2: “ICSE Chemistry – Class 9” by Viraf J. Dalal

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5. Biology

Title 1: “ICSE Biology – Class 10” by Anita Prasad

Title 2: “ICSE Biology – Class 9” by Sarita Aggarwal

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6. History and Civics

Title 1: “ICSE History & Civics – Class 10” by D. P. Sharma

Title 2: “ICSE History & Civics – Class 9” by Dolly Ellen Sequeira

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7. Geography

Title 1: “ICSE Geography – Class 10” by H. S. Grewal

Title 2: “ICSE Geography – Class 9” by Srijata Das

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8. Computer Applications

Title 1: “ICSE Computer Applications – Class 10” by Sumita Arora

Title 2: “ICSE Computer Applications – Class 9” by Ankush Mittal

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9. Economics

Title 1: “ICSE Economics – Class 10” by Asit Das Gupta

Title 2: “ICSE Economics – Class 9” by Asit Das Gupta

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10. Commercial Studies

Title 1: “ICSE Commercial Studies – Class 10” by C. B. Gupta

Title 2: “ICSE Commercial Studies – Class 9” by Ankush Mittal

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11. Environmental Science

Title 1: “ICSE Environmental Science – Class 10” by V. K. Ahluwalia

Title 2: “ICSE Environmental Science – Class 9” by Vandana Ahluwalia

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12. Second Language

Title 1: “ICSE Second Language – Class 10” (Choose the language you study)

Title 2: “ICSE Second Language – Class 9” (Choose the language you study)

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13. Physical Education

Title 1: “ICSE Physical Education – Class 10” by R. K. Sharma

Title 2: “ICSE Physical Education – Class 9” by J. S. Mathur

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14. Art

Title 1: “ICSE Art – Class 10” by Anita Sood

Title 2: “ICSE Art – Class 9” by Rina Agarwal

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Selecting the right ICSE board books is crucial for students appearing for the ICSE examinations in 2023. The recommended books mentioned above cover a wide range of subjects and have been authored by experienced professionals in their respective fields. These books provide comprehensive content, detailed explanations, practice questions, and sample papers to help students prepare effectively.

By studying from these recommended ICSE board books, students can enhance their understanding, improve their problem-solving skills, and gain the necessary knowledge to excel in their exams.


Q: Can I rely solely on these recommended books for my ICSE board exams?

A: While these books provide excellent content, it’s recommended to refer to your school textbooks and additional study materials to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subjects.

Q: Are these books suitable for both Class 9 and Class 10 students?

A: Yes, each subject has separate books for Class 9 and Class 10, ensuring a structured learning experience based on the grade level.

Q: Where can I purchase these ICSE board books?

A: These books are widely available at bookstores, both offline and online. You can also check with your school for specific recommendations or visit their affiliated bookstore.

Q: Are there any digital versions or e-books available for these ICSE board books?

A: Some of the recommended books have digital versions or e-books available, which can be accessed through various online platforms.

Q: Can I use these books for self-study?

A: Absolutely! These books are designed to cater to the learning needs of students, whether they are studying in a classroom or pursuing self-study.

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